Lake Arrowhead


A mountain resort high in the San Bernardino Mountains, the unincorporated community of Lake Arrowhead is home to almost 9,000 people. This remote and serene area is almost entirely supported by tourism, so you will immediately feel welcomed and at home! The lake is a reservoir with 780 acres in surface area, originally intended to help provide irrigation to San Bernardino Valley. Instead, it was converted into the tranquil resort area it is today.

1. **Formation and Geography:**
– Lake Arrowhead is a man-made reservoir that was created in 1920 by the Arrowhead Lake Company. The lake is situated at an elevation of around 5,100 feet (1,554 meters) in the San Bernardino National Forest.

2. **Development:**
– The area around Lake Arrowhead was initially developed as a resort destination by the Arrowhead Lake Company. The goal was to create a scenic retreat in the mountains that would attract tourists and vacationers.

3. **Early Hollywood Connection:**
– In the early 1920s, Lake Arrowhead became a popular destination for Hollywood celebrities looking for a getaway. Many famous actors and producers built vacation homes around the lake, contributing to its reputation as a glamorous escape.

4. **Lake Arrowhead Village:**
– Lake Arrowhead Village is a picturesque shopping and entertainment district located along the lake’s shoreline. It features charming shops, restaurants, and a range of outdoor activities. Multiple residential communities lie outside the Village. Over 350 people belong to the Lake Arrowhead Yacht Club, which has been around for over seventy years. The village has been a focal point for visitors since its development.

5. **Recreation and Tourism:**
Lake Arrowhead is in a mountainous forest and offers plenty of camping, biking, hiking, and snow sports opportunities. The Lake Arrowhead Village is the hub of the community’s activity. Residents can also go seven miles to the north to find the scenic Pacific Crest Trail, which offers some gorgeous views and hiking opportunities. A few miles to the East brings you to Sky Park At Santa’s Village and Snow Valley Ski Resort.

6. **Arrowhead Landmark:**
– The distinctive shape of Lake Arrowhead is often said to resemble an arrowhead, which is where the lake and the community derived their names. The arrowhead shape is a natural feature on the north shore of the lake and is visible from various vantage points.

7. **Community Events:**
– Lake Arrowhead hosts various events and festivals, including Oktoberfest, the Summer Concert Series, sailboat races, annual bonfire, Independence Day celebrations, and the annual antique wooden boat show. These events contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of the community.

8. **Conservation Efforts:**
– The lake is an important water source for the surrounding region, and efforts have been made to preserve its natural beauty and maintain water quality.

9.**Education:**                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  – Lake Arrowhead has two elementary schools, one middle and one high school. Schools are classified under the Rim of the World Unified School District. There are a few private schools at all levels in the area. There is a good choice in higher education not far away from Lake Arrowhead. San Bernardino has multiple colleges and universities, including San Bernardino Valley College, CSU San Bernardino, ITT Technical Institute, University of Redlands, Loma Linda University, and California Baptist College. There is also Victor Valley College to the north in Victorville.

Overall, Lake Arrowhead has evolved from a resort destination to a year-round recreational and residential community, offering a serene escape in the mountains for both locals and visitors alike.