Arrowbear Lake


1. **Location:**
Arrowbear Lake is situated in the San Bernardino National Forest, at an elevation of approximately 6,100 feet (1,860 meters). It is part of the larger San Bernardino Mountains, which offer a scenic and forested environment.

2. **Establishment:**
Arrowbear Lake officially began in 1924 when it was subdivided into small lots considered “just right” for a getaway cabin. The lake was formed by constructing a small concrete dam across the south fork of Deep Creek, which holds back about 5 acres of water. Through the winter and spring thaw, water flows freely over the dam and fills the lake. Arrowbear Music Camp is the community’s best-known facility. It was founded in 1942 when musicians from Long Beach visited their conductor’s church camp. The tradition continued and developed into a summer music camp. 

3. **Recreation:**
The region around Arrowbear Lake gained popularity as a getaway destination due to its cool climate, pine forests, and outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking, fishing, boating, and camping. The lake itself is a popular spot for fishing, and the surrounding forested areas provide numerous trails for hiking and exploring nature. Across the street from the lake is a ball field and playground.

4. **Community:**
Arrowbear Lake is a relatively small community, and it has a mix of permanent residents and vacation homes. The community has a rustic charm, offering a peaceful retreat from the urban areas in the lower elevations.

5. **Climate:**
Being in a mountainous region, Arrowbear Lake experiences a four-season climate. Winters can bring snowfall, making it a destination for winter sports enthusiasts, while summers offer relief from the heat of the lower elevations.

6. **Nearby Attractions:**
Arrowbear Lake is in proximity to other mountain communities like Running Springs, Big Bear Lake, and Lake Arrowhead, each offering its own set of attractions and activities.

7. **History:**
While Arrowbear Lake itself doesn’t have an extensive documented history, the broader San Bernardino Mountains region has a rich Native American history. The area was later explored by Spanish missionaries and became a significant part of the Southern California mining boom in the 19th century.

Throughout the summer, lovely music can be heard whistling and echoing through the trees. Arrowbear Lake remains a quiet, almost forgotten community, hidden behind huge boulders and old-growth trees and surrounded by the National Forest. Hidden-just the way the locals like it!