Green Valley Lake


Why is Green Valley Lake known as the “hidden gem” of the San Bernardino Mountains?

We consider Green Valley Lake our “best-kept secret.” Although it was established in 1892 as a lumber operation, it has remained small, picturesque, and wonderfully uncrowded-just what we like in our mountain get-a-way!

1. **Location:**
– Green Valley Lake is situated at an elevation of around 7,200 feet (2,195 meters) above sea level, making it the highest town in the San Bernardino Mountains!
– It is part of the San Bernardino National Forest and is surrounded by lush pine and cedar trees, providing a scenic mountain setting.

2. **Formation:**
– The lake itself was created in 1926 when Green Valley Creek was dammed to form a reservoir. It was initially constructed to supply water to the Santa Fe Railroad.

3. **Recreation:**
– Today, Green Valley Lake is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and tourists, offering various recreational activities throughout the year.
– In the summer, visitors can enjoy fishing, swimming, boating, hiking, biking, live music, car shows, off-roading, camping, and picnicking around the lake.
– Winter activities include snowshoeing, sledding, and cross-country skiing, making it a charming destination for both summer and winter getaways.

4. **Community:**
– The Green Valley Lake community is relatively small and close-knit. The area is known for its friendly atmosphere and a sense of community.
– There are cabins, vacation rentals, and a small commercial area, contributing to the quaint and peaceful ambiance.

5. **Events:**
– The community hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, fostering a sense of community spirit. These events often include holiday celebrations, local markets, and outdoor activities.

6. **Wildlife:**
– The surrounding San Bernardino National Forest is home to diverse wildlife, and visitors may encounter animals such as deer, squirrels, and a variety of bird species.

7. **Accessibility:**
– Green Valley Lake is accessible by State Highway 18, making it convenient for visitors traveling from the nearby cities of San Bernardino and Los Angeles.

8. **Nearby Attractions:**
– The region around Green Valley Lake offers access to other popular mountain destinations, including Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake. These areas provide additional opportunities for outdoor recreation and exploration.

Before planning your visit, it’s advisable to check for any updates on local conditions, events, and services.